Dalton Paula (Br): next artist in residency

Dalton Paula (Br): next artist in residency

Coffe Black | Detalhe | Foto: Heloá Fernandes | 2012

Homesession next residency artist during January an February 2019: DALTON PAULA (BRASIL)

Dalton Paula was born in 1982, lives and works in Goiânia, Brazil. Among many institutional exhibitions he participated at the 32a Bienal de São Paulo in 2016 and 2018 Triennial: “Songs for Sabotage” at New Museum, in New York.

The basis of Paula’s artistic work is the body: the black body, silenced by fear, insecurity, individuality, and transience. The references are in the suburbs, the congadas(Afro-Brazilian religious and cultural festivals), and the terreiros(Candomblé worship places) and rites of African-born religions. Myths acquire new life and meaning. The individual body as a starting point to reach collectiveness.

Paula uses silence to communicate ideas, to awaken what is uncomfortable in our society, to rethink and imprisoning images and to open up margins that presents these black bodies in new stories, other structures capable of acknowledging the protagonism of individuals who have been historically silenced. Such narratives are yet to be uttered, written, told, represented. This challenge prompts him to perform and take up (or continue?) this mission which began in the remote past that he cannot reach through memory, a mission undertaken by those who came before and led the way.


16/11/18 Artist Talk + Opening: Adélaïde Feriot

16/11/18 Artist Talk + Opening: Adélaïde Feriot

Eclipse. Adélaïde Feriot

November 16th. 7 pm

Within the framework of Loop Barcelona festival and the Homesession Exchange Residency program with art3 (Valence, France). 

Homesession presents the work of the French artist Adélaïde Feriot (Libourne, 1985) whose work includes video, sculpture, installation and performance.
The ECLIPSE exhibition presents the homonymous video as well as new works made by the artist during her residency in Barcelona.
The opening will feature a talk by the artist.

Adélaïde Feriot has presented his work in France (Biennale d’art contemporain de Lyon, Center Pompidou, FRAC Lorraine and FRAC Bretagne), Cina (CAFA Art Museum – Beijing), Germany (Galerie J2System, Berlin), Italy (Artissima, Torino) Spain (ARCO, Tabacalera- Madrid) and other countries.


Opening 26-10-2018 “Erica” by Veeeky (Taiwan)

Opening 26-10-2018 “Erica” by Veeeky (Taiwan)

Veeeky (Wei – Chia  Wu): ERICA

Opening 26_10_2018, 19h

Our body exhibits more similarity through messages shared in internet space. Our online appearance are evaluated by algorithm, it spreads in a speed of faster than ever. This phenomenon plays an important role in designing our daily appearances through build-in-app filters, plastic surgeries and make-up.

Female has been struggled with the standard of beauty, which has brought us an entire beauty industry dedicated to manufacture perfection. We are suppressed, but at the same time, the pursue for the inclusion is the main force which motivates all the medical-technical development. In addition, Big companies such as Chinese Selfie app company Meitu, is affecting our evaluation of beauty, we can the modify our face through their predefined beautify whiten slimmer face adjustment, they upload the modified image to social media websites and creating the avatar(online image). 

With the growing capability of modifying our face, body and identity each day- we are making our body renewable and modifiable. Meanwhile, scientists are racing to experiment and to test 3D printing organs, body ink, Neurolink, and our understanding of biological body is changing to machine-like concept- where our body is assembled just as how machines are composed by different parts.

The project is a near-future narrative in which we push the interrelation between online self (developed through selfie-beautify app), beauty tech (plastic surgery, biomeds…), and automated online interaction, to a degree that the online/ offline relationship integrated fully and become how we produce life. This service allows the online avatars automatically interact with each other, through the data collected by beautify prosthesis wore by users. This autopilot mode is populated by users because it offers automated online interaction by reducing the labour of constant uploading and downloading; it also generates personalized content by analyzing user-generated data through Internet of Things. 

Born in Kaohsiung and raised in Taipei (Taiwan), currently lives and works in Beijing (China) Veeeky (Wei – Chia  Wu) started from the cofounder of Bounce Girlz, a group focusing on music event and content in Taiwan, Taipei, when she was in National Taiwan University studying sociology. After spending time digging into visual communication in Goldsmiths College, London, she had more chances to explore new sounds and further established her own way of selection of music and creating visual art. Her approach of synchronizing and sampling sound with visual is limitless, experimenting sounds consisting of surprising content. She is now taking care of the visual in a creative music label Do Hits, making cover arts/live visual/graphics. Do Hits is known for Asian digital sound and art.

veeeky’s visual is based on the thinking of contemporary society, discussing internet/gender/information/channels/globalization-local content, often presenting it in high saturation utopia videos.

Design||| https://www.veeeky.com/
Music||||| https://soundcloud.com/wei-chia-wu


With the support of Ministry of Culture of Taiwan


Presentación Publicación POLARITATS 2016-17

Presentación Publicación POLARITATS 2016-17

Homesessiones complau a convidar-vosa la presentació de la publicació Polaritats 2016-2017. Un any de mediació artística, que recull les diferents activitats realitzades pels artistes Matteo Guidi, Miquel García, Chun Chi Wang, Equipo Palomar, Benjamin Collet i Tommy Coleman, en el marc del programa de mediació Polaritats, dut a terme amb la col·laboració del grup d’innovació Art, Professió i Docència de la Facultat de Belles Arts de la Universitat de Barcelona i gràcies al suport de les fundacions Edmond de Rothschild.

INSTITUT RAMON LLULL el dimarts 17 de juliol a les 19h

Avinguda Diagonal, 373, Barcelona 

L’acte coorganitzat amb l’Institut Ramon Llull comptarà amb la presència d’Olivier Collet i Jérôme Lefaure, cofundadors de Homesession; els docents membres del grup d’investigació Art, Professió i Docència de la UB: Joaquim Cantalozella, Marta Negre, Jordi Morell i Òscar Padilla; i la crítica d’art Judit Vidiella, autora d’un dels textos del llibre que es presenta.

Durant l’acte es podrà comprar un exemplar de la publicació.
Aforament limitat, confirmeu la vostra assistència a:

danilo@homesession.org o 655 178 868

Joan Pallé / Ganador Beca Exchange en art3 (Francia)

Joan Pallé / Ganador Beca Exchange en art3 (Francia)

Joan Pallé es el ganador de la Beca de residencia de dos meses en Valence, Francia, proyecto de intercambio EXCHANGE entre Homesession y art3.

Joan Pallé (Lleida, España 1989). Vive y trabaja en Barcelona. Obtuvo el grado en Bellas Artes (2017) por la Universidad de Barcelona. Su trabajo pone en relación elementos del pensamiento crítico y de la cultura popular articulándolos a través de referentes perteneciente a movimientos contraculturales. Para desarrollar su trabajo usa múltiples lenguajes y disciplinas.
En el año 2017 se convierte en artista residente en Fabra i Coats (Barcelona) a través del programa de residencia de Sant Andreu contemporáneo (SAC_FIC). En los últimos años ha recibido la beca de residencia de la Panera en colaboración con el CDAN y Centre d’Art i Natura de Farrera, la beca de creación artística para le festival MAU de Rocaumbert fàbrica de les arts, Granollers, la beca de investigación artística de la Sala d’art jove de la Generalitat en colaboración con el Macba, la beca de investigación de la Escocesa, beca de producción artística de Baumannlab, Terrassa, beca de producción de Banc Sabadell Art<35 en Sala Parés, Barcelona i ha sido ganador del certamen de artes visuales Biennal Larva, I.E.I., Lleida. Ha participado en exposiciones colectivas, en Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, museu can Framis, Barcelona,Le Beffroi, Ville de Montrouge, París y Kunstbygningen i Vrå, Højskolevej,Dinamarca, entre otras.
Juan David Galingo / Ganador Beca Exchange Belgrado 2018

Juan David Galingo / Ganador Beca Exchange Belgrado 2018

Juan David Galindo es el ganador de la Beca de residencia de dos meses en Belgrado, Serbia, proyecto de intercambio EXCHANGE entre Homesession y Belgrade Air.

Juan David Galindo (1992) es un artista que vive en Barcelona. Su trabajo artístico se articula mediante la performance, el video, la instalacióny el archivo. Es graduado en Bellas Artes y Diseño por la Escola Massana, y efectuó el Programa de Estudios Independientes del MACBA.

A mostrado su trabajo en La Sala D’art Jove en Barcelona, el Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Barcelona (MACBA),la Sala Hiroshima, la galeria Àngels, la BlueProjectFoundation,en el marco del festival Loop, todos en Barcelona. También en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá (MAMBO), en el Centro Cultural las Cigarreras en Alicante, dentro de Money Lab#3 en Amsterdam,

Su trabajo a sido premiado, por creación de obra por la Sala D’Art Jove 2018. Ha quedado de finalista para publicación en el premio Miquel Casablancas 2018. Ha recibido de producción e investigación de La Escocesa 2018.

George Selley next artist in residence, July-August

George Selley next artist in residence, July-August

George Selley, next artist in residence at Homesession during July-August 2018 

George Selley (born 1993) is a London based photographer and filmmaker. George currently teaches photography at Fine Arts College, in Camden, while studying for his MA in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication. Having begun his further education in Anthropology, George’s work continues to be heavily researched based, but with conceptual elements often present. His work has been published in Dazed, Huck, The British Journal of Photography, and Fisheye Magazine.

This year George received the Paris Photo Carte Blanche Student Award 2017. He was also a finalist in the Felix Schoeller Best Emerging Photographer Award 2017. He has been exhibited at the Felix Nussbaum Museum of Cultural History, Germany; The Grand Palais at Paris Photo 2017; the Fondazione Marangoni Gallery in Florence, Italy, the Ostrołęka Festival of Photography, in Poland, Odesa Photo Festival, Ukraine and the Green Rooms Gallery in London. His 2015 documentary Study Drugs was selected and screened at the 2015 American Public Health Association Film Festival, in Chicago. George is a co-founder of the Carte Blanche Collective, and a member of Inpro Photography Collective.




Open Call Exchange Residency in art3 (Valence, Francia)

Open Call Exchange Residency in art3 (Valence, Francia)

Homesession, en el marco de su programa de movilidad internacional EXCHANGE,  lanza una convocatoria dirigidas a artistas catalanes (o residentes en Cataluña) para la realización de una residencia artística en art3 (Valence, Francia)


Mario Santamaría  “Show me a ghost” /art3 2017

La convocatoria se enmarca en un intercambio entre art3  y Homesession y tiene como objetivo impulsar la movilidad de artistas y promover el conocimiento y la interacción entre los agentes del sector artístico de ambos contextos. El programa de intercambio con art3 se inició en 2014. Desde entonces han beneficiado del programa los artistas Lola Gonzàlez, Laura Llaneli, Julia Gorostidi, Mario Santamaría, Luke James, Benjamin Collet y Antonin Horquin.


Bases convocatoria residencia art3 2018

  • Fecha límite de envió de candidaturas: 23 de junio de 2018.

  • Fallo del jurado 29 de junio de 2018.

  • Duración de la residencia: 2 meses, octubre y noviembre de 2018.

El o la artista seleccionad@ en esta convocatoria presentará su trabajo o investigación en art3 Valence en formato expositivo.

Open Call Exchange Residency in Belgrade (Serbia)

Open Call Exchange Residency in Belgrade (Serbia)

Homesession lanza una convocatoria dirigidas a artistas catalanes (o residentes en Cataluña) para la realización de una residencia artística en Belgrade Air Project, Belgrado (Serbia).


La convocatoria se enmarca en un intercambio entre Belgrade Air Project  y Homesession y tiene como objetivo impulsar la movilidad de artistas y promover el conocimiento y la interacción entre los agentes del sector artístico de ambos contextos. Este nuevo programa de intercambio de Homesession ha empezado en 2018 con la residencia en Barcelona del artista serbio Stanko Gagrčin durante marzo y abril de 2018.


  • Fecha límite de envió de candidaturas: 20 de mayo de 2018.
  • Fallo del jurado: junio de 2018.
  • Duración de la residencia: 2 meses, octubre y noviembre de 2018.



Stanko Gagrčin is the Serbian artist that participates to our first Exchange Program between Barcelona and Belgrade (Serbia) with the collaboration of Belgrade Air Project.
Gagrčin is resident  at Homesession during March and April 2018
Stanko Gagrčin was born in Sombor, Serbia in 1994. In 2013 he finished the highschool for design in the class of Interior design, and in 2017 he finished the bachelor studies in the course of Scene architecture, design and technology in Novi Sad, Serbia. He participated in numerous group exhibitions during his studies and cooperated with festivals like Bitef and Exit festival.
His area of interest ranges from film, video art, visual art, installation, stage design to virtual art and architecture.
Instagram  @hajdukstankela