Fragment: Yu-Hang Huang.

Yuhang homesession

“Sometimes, we preserve; we discard, we fetish or we destroy an object because of its association with a moment in our past. No matter how the moment was joyful; hurtful; meaningful or unforgettable, that feeling only turned into fragments of our lives through pieces of objects. In Fragment project, I try to mingle your past and my current turning into something in between.”

From 2008, Yu-Hang Huang has created a series of work by combining performance video and sculpture installation to investigate the notion of “fluidity of identity”, which related to mobility, displacement, and sense of rootless caused by migration.

Huang had lived in North America for nine years before moving back to Taiwan in 2010. She had received numerous grants and exhibited her work internationally including USA, South Korea, Taiwan, Canada and Europe. She is currently in residence at Homesession.

Sunday, September 27, 2015. 18h
C/ Creu dels Molers 15, Barcelona.

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