Dalton Paula (Br): next artist in residency

Coffe Black | Detalhe | Foto: Heloá Fernandes | 2012

Homesession next residency artist during January an February 2019: DALTON PAULA (BRASIL)

Dalton Paula was born in 1982, lives and works in Goiânia, Brazil. Among many institutional exhibitions he participated at the 32a Bienal de São Paulo in 2016 and 2018 Triennial: “Songs for Sabotage” at New Museum, in New York.

The basis of Paula’s artistic work is the body: the black body, silenced by fear, insecurity, individuality, and transience. The references are in the suburbs, the congadas(Afro-Brazilian religious and cultural festivals), and the terreiros(Candomblé worship places) and rites of African-born religions. Myths acquire new life and meaning. The individual body as a starting point to reach collectiveness.

Paula uses silence to communicate ideas, to awaken what is uncomfortable in our society, to rethink and imprisoning images and to open up margins that presents these black bodies in new stories, other structures capable of acknowledging the protagonism of individuals who have been historically silenced. Such narratives are yet to be uttered, written, told, represented. This challenge prompts him to perform and take up (or continue?) this mission which began in the remote past that he cannot reach through memory, a mission undertaken by those who came before and led the way.