Luke Drozd: Artist in Residence Feb-Mar 2016

We begin our exchange with ThiStudio. Luke Drozd is an artist and illustrator based in London, who works across a variety of media. Through prints recordings, sculptures and performance, he will use his time at Homesession to try to unpick some of the cities narrative threads.


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Tom Holmes. Artist in residence. Dec 2015-Jan 2016


Tom Holmes, in recent residencies has created microcosmic environments that transport him via memory to the countless images that make up one’s visual file. Iconography, rituals and haptic movement across pictorial enlargement bind to the gestures of the body, drawn in a collected abstraction. Objects found right off the shelf, the waste is reused, scanned and intervenes as billboards sized volumes. Hypnosis allows the artist to reach a state of unconsciousness awareness in which the drawing is characterized by a submission of will, that is the act of painting, a transfer of knowledge, memories, and intuition in space consumed by trama, appearing on canvas as new meanings.

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A good rule for living in a small space. Luke James

A good rule for living in a small space

The research by the artist Luke James about his residence in Homesession are small actions and the materiality of poetic accidents and alteration of the given space. The meeting and the approach allow us to perceive a series of (in)visible physical changes and somehow get into the layers of the temporary space surface. The micro gestures that the artist proposes are from everyday thoughts, deconstructing an object, knowing its compounds, draw the structure and see the gaps that inhabit the walls.

OPENING: 28/11/2015, 19h. C/ Creu dels Molers 15, Barcelona.
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Laura Llaneli. Exchange Residency en Art3. Noviembre / Diciembre 2015


Proyecto seleccionado para Exchange Residency Program con la  colaboración de Art3 (Valence, Francia)

El proyecto realizado por Laura Llaneli durante su residencia en Art3 toma como punto de partida la pieza Take Five de Paul Desmond interpretada por el The Dave Brubeck Quartet. Llaneli aísla la partitura de la batería y traduce los diversos sonidos en palabras: RIDE, CRASH, GROSSE CAISSE, CAISSE CLAIRE, TOM, TOM BASSE, CHARLES. Con la voz grabada del cantante de hip hop francés Madame Bert y del cantante a capella Christophe, la canción se convierte en una nueva composición donde el ritmo, basado en la pronunciación de las palabras, tiende hacia la poesía.

Este trabajo también muestra cómo las partes de una batería se traducen en diferentes idiomas. Baterías de diferentes partes del mundo como Cataluña, España, Chile, Colombia, Croacia, Alemania, Brasil, Polonia y Canadá han colaborado en grabar sus voces pronunciando estas partes en sus idiomas.

Para la exposición en Francia, la parte visual ha sido creado por el estudio de diseño francés My Name is Weny.

El trabajo de Laura Llaneli (Granada, 1986) se mueve entre la performance y el arte sonoro. Ambos medios son detenidos por el uso de un espacio que no es necesariamente físico o tangible, pero que crea varias situaciones que la artista manipula. Sus proyectos trabajan nociones como la repetición, la simulación de la superficialidad, la alteración, la distorsión y la explosión caótica.


Fragment: Yu-Hang Huang.

Yuhang homesession

“Sometimes, we preserve; we discard, we fetish or we destroy an object because of its association with a moment in our past. No matter how the moment was joyful; hurtful; meaningful or unforgettable, that feeling only turned into fragments of our lives through pieces of objects. In Fragment project, I try to mingle your past and my current turning into something in between.”

From 2008, Yu-Hang Huang has created a series of work by combining performance video and sculpture installation to investigate the notion of “fluidity of identity”, which related to mobility, displacement, and sense of rootless caused by migration.

Huang had lived in North America for nine years before moving back to Taiwan in 2010. She had received numerous grants and exhibited her work internationally including USA, South Korea, Taiwan, Canada and Europe. She is currently in residence at Homesession.

Sunday, September 27, 2015. 18h
C/ Creu dels Molers 15, Barcelona.

An initiative from the Economical and Cultural Office of Taipei, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan.

Fallo del jurado de la convocatoria para la residencia artística en art3 (Valence, Francia)

El lunes 8 de junio de 2015, el jurado compuesto por Sylvie Vojik (art3), Txuma Sánchez, (Sala d’art Jove), Olivier Collet (Homesession) ha valorado los 26 dossieres recibidos para la convocatoria.

La artista Laura Llaneli ha sido elegida ganadora de la convocatoria.

Queremos agradecer a todos los participantes por la alta calidad de sus propuestas.

Convocatoria de residencia artística en art3 Valence (Francia)

Uta Putz, Permanent Vacation

Homesession, hace pública una convocatoria en colaboración con Sala d’Art Jove de la Generalitat de Catalunya para la realización de una residencia artística en art3, Valence (Francia). La convocatoria se enmarca en un intercambio entre art3 y Homesession y tiene como objetivo impulsar la movilidad de artistas y promover el conocimiento y la interacción entre los agentes del sector artístico de ambos contextos.

Ver bases de la convocatoria

Fecha límite de envió de candidaturas: 20 de mayo de 2015
Duración de la residencia: 2 meses, octubre y noviembre de 2015

Imagen: Vista de la exposición de Uta Pütz, Permanent Vacation – art3 – foto: T. Chassepoux.

Lola Gonzàlez. 2 films.


Lola Gonzalez, current resident at homesession will present her latest work and a video realized in Barcelona. Thank to Nook Nook for hosting the event. THURSDAY 30 OCTOBER 2014, 20h [NOOK – Poble Sec|] C/ NOU DE LA RAMBLA 143 BARCELONA Whether writing, producing, or the choice to work with their friends, Lola Gonzàlez works called authenticity, spontaneity and fluidity using constructed and simple visual forms. From the individual to the common, her work questions about the power of the collective, and its limits. This programme is a collaboration with __[art 3|”>__ (Valence) and receive the support of the [Région Rhône-Alpes|”>.

Lola Gonzàlez, born in 1988. Lives in Paris.

selected projects:

Sept 2014 “Conspirations, des conspirations” Sparkasse, Leipzig

June 2014 “All that falls”, Palais de Tokyo, exposición colectiva

Feb 2014 “Adieu tristesse..” La Galerie, Noisy-le-Sec

Jan 2014 “Qui boira de ce vin là, boira le sang des copains” Hors-pistes, Centre G. Pompidou

[Programme|”>: “Winter is coming” 48 min, Vidéo couleur HD, stéréo Août 2014

“TV Pirata” 6 min, Vidéo couleur HD, stéréo Octobre 2014 Réalisation : Lola Gonzàlez Musique Originale : Jérémie Prat Actors : Ariadna Parreu, Ico Mateo, Antoni Hervas Cortes, Quim Packard Actors / Singers : Ariadna Parreu, Ico Mateo, Antoni Hervas Cortes, Quim Packard, Bárbara Sánchez, Oriol Fontdevila, Estel Boada Ibern, Beatriz Fuentes Sanchez, Pau MF, Fito Conesa, David Bestué, Anna Pahissa, Consol Llupià, Néstor Català Serra, Marie Charlotte

Wheels of Desire. Gabrielle Le Bayon


“Art Will not disappear into nothingness; it will disappear into everything. ” Julio Garcia Espinosa, Imperfect Cinema.

”Wheels of Desire” is the project that has been developed by Gabrielle Le Bayon during her residency at Homesession. The project focuses on the relation between the daily production and consumption of images on one hand, and our own relationship to reality and to our physical, geographical and metaphorical environment on the other hand. The artist statement underlines that “billions of pictures orbit in cyber space. Together they form a sentence that speaks a collective and communal, personal and informal meaning. Neither original nor immortal, they are the flow of time and swirls of thousands of individual realities and personal truths.” The project, based on the own accumulative practice of the artist, questions the way this hyper consumption shape the physical and conceptual places with which we connect.

Event on Facebook. Opening: Wed, June 25th, 2014 – 19:30 Homesession, C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona

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