homesession opens a blog, which replaces, from now on, the “news’ page”

We’ve added a blog feature to the homesession website. It replaces the news’ page, wich has been used since the launching of the site on summer 2007. Thanks to the blog, we’ll offer quicker updates for news, events and any artists’ actualities. It will also allow us to present more media and documents in the news, as well as the possibility to comment, search, categorize and tag any content we add on this page. It will allow visitors to get the ”whole content” referring to an artist, an event, a work etc. We also offer from now on RSS feeds on each post as well as on comments. The 2007-2008 news remain available of course: to get access to the older content (from July 2007 to October 2008), please go to ++[this page|/03_news/news.html|en]++.