Tiempo de presión. Matteo Guidi 4/03/2017


4 de marzo de 2017 / 18:30 – 21 h


Tiempo de presión se inscribe en la investigación sobre la alimentación en entornos altamente condicionados que Matteo Guidi desarrolla desde 2009, la cual le ha llevado a explorar, por ejemplo, las recursivas expresiones culinarias que se desarrollan en las prisiones.

El proyecto plantea una especulación narrativa que toma como punto de partida a La Reina, la olla a presión que Fidel Castro distribuyó ampliamente entre la población cubana como parte del Plan de ahorro energético de la isla, haciéndole prácticamente un distintivo nacional.

La gestión de la imagen pública del artefacto, a cargo del propio Fidel, sirve para desplegar un juego de resonancias entre idea de un comandante próximo, más cotidiano, y las relaciones de poder explícitas e implícitas en este gesto. La reina de la salsa -la exiliada cubana Celia Cruz- cantando al alimento, la idea del futuro y La Reina misma también intervienen en esta micro-historia en proceso.

Alex Brahim


Matteo Guidi (Cesena, Italia, 1978), artista, antropólogo social y profesor de Sociología de la Comunicación a la ISIA de Urbino, presentará en el marco del programa Invited su proyecto Tiempo de presión.

Las investigaciones artísticas de Guidi se sitúan en contextos complejos de estructuras sociales más o menos cerradas, como cárceles de máxima seguridad, fábricas y, más recientemente, los campos de refugiados del West Bank. Estos proyectos nacen de la curiosidad de entender las formas a través de las cuales los individuos (o grupos) gestionan su vida diaria dentro de sistemas delimitados que tienden a objetivarlos. Reflexionando sobre métodos impredecibles de resistencia cotidiana provocada por una combinación de simplicidad e ingenuidad, se centra en los contextos que se consideran marginales o excepcionales pero que, en realidad, anticipan escenarios más comunes.




Aleksandar Todorović: Artist-in-Residency. March / April 2017

Aleksandar Todorović is a restless traveller, non-media specific artist and graphic designer. He spends some time of the year based out of Bosnia & Hercegovina, but most of his work is influenced by him being on the road. One of his first loves is definitely typography, always employing a bold statement. Over the last few years, he has functioned as the backbone of the YHY FIHM art collective, art directing and producing work for several art books.


The Hound of Heaven is Always Watching. Tommy Coleman

The Hound of Heaven is always watching
The Hound of Heaven is always watching

The Hound of Heaven is Always Watching.


Inauguración: sábado 18 de Febrero de 2017, 19h

While exploring the space of change we find what is constantly inconstant; In Tommy Coleman’s elaborately visually world this inconstant variable stalks, haunts, and taunts you in close quarters without ever showing you its whole being. Coleman’s sculptural and mixed media works weave together fact and fiction- the documentary and the diaristic- to navigate a world of humor and anxiety. How far does the uncanny spiral outward, orbiting, until it finds a brave new dimension ready to welcome it?

Tommy Coleman, a recent MFA graduate of Yale University, is a visual artist originally from Jupiter, Florida and current resident at Homesession in Barcelona, Spain. Coleman also holds a year long residency at the Artha Project in New York City until 2018.


Tommy Coleman: Artist-in-Residence. January / February 2017

 tommy plantanos
Tommy Coleman is a Florida raised sculptor, painter, and performance artist. Through masterfully crafted objects, and staunchly sincere albeit witty images, Coleman’s work implores investigations of honesty, intimacy, and perceptional break downs which accompany anxiety- all done by way of navigating the boundaries of what is considered permissible. Receiving his BFA from The Cooper Union, and his MFA in sculpture from Yale University, Coleman is a current resident artist for the Artha Project in New York City.

Julia Gorostidi: Exchange Residency at Art3. January / February 2017

Selected project for Exchange Residency Program in collaboration with Art3  (Valence, France)

Julia Gorostidi. Quartzite/Quartzite

Composed of a digital video and a written conversation, Quartzite / Quartzite  is the project developed by Julia Gorostidi during her residency at Art3 between January and February 2017. Constructed as a dialog between a natural object and its computer generated image, the work uses the autobiography of a quartzite stone found in the region of Valence as a script to freely depict the city’s geological history and to question at the same time our tendency to humanize nature and non-human objects.
Based on a discussion that the artist had with the geologist who introduced her to the rock, the text, written in french, is a conversation between a four hundred million years old stone and its new-born digital simulation. In search of a personal story that would make her a better simulation, the computer generated image tries in this text to identify with the metamorphic rock and interrogates it about their supposedly common origins, transformations and geographical movements. Thought as a reinterpretation and reappropriation of this story by the digital stone, the video presented alongside the text shows the 3D model experiencing its past as it understood it. Osciatilling between a screen saver, a relaxing video and a nature documentary, the film brings the viewer into a semi-hypnotic environment that tells the story of a metamorphic object while subjectively portraying the region’s geological history.
Mainly concerned with identity representation and human subjectivity, Julia’s work often question the relations between storytelling and self-construction. In Metamorphic matter she applies her generic concerns to the non-human and reflects on how we see and represent nature in our digital and mental worlds.




De coupes empruntées de paysages sur les épaules. Benjamin Collet


De coupes empruntées de paysages sur les épaules.

Conquistadores de lo inutil: comme une petite musique de déplacements.



This project, carried out within residence exchange framework between Homesession and art3 (Valence, France) leaded to several events:

At first, I wrote a lot about Barcelona, its architecture, its urban devices, as well as all the people I’ve met since I came here. These notes are the equivalent of a story or a postcard, becoming almost in a love letter to Barcelona. These texts and these notes have been interpreted and sung by a soundtrack that is configured as the Original Soundtrack of the exhibition created in collaboration with Natalia Paez Carrizo and music producer @hugodouster, here in Barcelona.

Conducting a workshop at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, I could also create a video to illustrate some of this soundtrack, like a real trailer for the exhibition. To make this video, I made a small collection of clothing that students who participated in the workshop, gave them life and movement.

These pieces are both costume and scene representation of some of the purposes of the soundtrack. The whole exhibition can be seen as a visual and sound exploration of Barcelona, a kind of itinerant opera karaoke.


 Benjamin Collet (Lyon, France, 1984) is a resident artist at Homesession in our Exchange Residency Program in colaboration with art3 (Valence, France). During his stay in Barcelona he participated in the project Polaritats carried out by Homesession in collaboration with “Art. Professió i docència ” and University of Barcelona.

 +info Benjamin Collet: http://springboard-bc.tumblr.com/


Benjamin Collet: artist-in-residence. November/December 2016


Silky unt slimy things (springbreak 2030), Bejamin Collet in collaboration with Anne Renaud, 2014

“Starting from reality I deploy, I assemble and I compare many events and images; how things and images are built up; what they hide and what they mean. Nowadays we are surrounded by an intense images production from whom I don’t know issues and I don’t have any keys to read it.

Lewis Caroll wrote «So, said Alice, if the world has no sense who will stop us to invent one.» Installation and composition interest me a lot in this sense. In addition, poetic and prospective that exist in all things around us allow me to make my own world. I wouldn’t say an isolated world but more a filter or a language through which I can understand, observe and stand my day to day surrounding, a way to « think-with ». I set a display made of tools, materials and features in aim to create speeches, tales and fictions. Combining writing, documentation, archiving as well as sketch, sound and video, my installations are kind of «ideas cases». All those fragments and tracks form/create a kaleidoscopic investigation of our world.”

Benjamin Collet

This project is part of our exchange residency program in collaboration with art3 (Valence, France)

Image/ Sound: Concept and Position. Chun Chi Wang


Image/ Sound: Concept and Position
Chun Chi Wang

Viernes 28 de Octubre
19-22h Performance de Alexis Chevallier & Gabriel Haberland y Désaxées (Mélissa Brun & Adelyne Hugueni-Virchaux)

Sábado 29 de Octubre
14-16h Performance de Elisa Duca/ bösediva
16-21h Open Studio

The project will take place in and around Barcelona with a great cultural and social diversity. It is to be in collaboration with local people involved with the cultural and social life of Barcelona.

The project presents a selection of artists which reflects on the artistic practice, that deals with the construction of the self in reference to economic, social, political, and historical conditions.

The participative process and the invitation to 12 artists reveals a diversity of work processes and forms of visibility (Video, Performances, Exhibitions), including works of participating teams from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Barcelona University, Roue Libre project and Bösediva.

Chun-Chi Wang is a curator based in Berlin. In 2012, she was Assistant Curator for Taipei Biennial, Modern Monsters / Death and Life of Fiction. Her projects was presented in Berlin, Paris, New York, Taipei, and Seoul in various collaborations from 2010 to 2014. A collective and intergenerational investigation of feminism in the context of contemporary art practice that included a symposium, exhibition; and lecture. She is the founder and director of IDOLONSTUDIO (Berlin).


An initiative from the Economical and Cultural Office of Taipei, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan.

I don’t know what’s in my campfire, but I would say it’s a giant or something…

ángela cuadra

No sé que hay en mi fogata, pero creo que es un gigante o algo…
C/ Creu dels Molers, 15
Viernes 30 de Septiembre a domingo 2 de Octubre, 11 – 19h

Para su intervención en Homesession ha llevado a cabo una obra pensada y elaborada con sus hijos pequeños que se completa, posteriormente con su ubicación en sala, con la acción del público. La idea parte de desarrollar una serie de objetos con los que los asistentes puedan jugar, de modo que cada espectador sea invitado a elaborar su propio relato de la exposición; en otras palabras, Cuadra quiere introducir el juego en el espacio expositivo como estrategia para desarrollar una pluralidad de experiencia en base a unos mismos elementos.
El dispositivo que se presenta en esta sala es sencillo y queridamente abierto con el objeto de dar pie a un diálogo abierto y sin imposturas ni barnices artísticos sobre la condición real de los artistas con hijos, sus vicisitudes, encuentros y desencuentros, algo que incite a la gente a hablar y no quede como un dispositivo formal unidireccional. Para ello, la artista se vale principalmente de dos piezas: por un lado, un mural con los dibujos de Victor (7 años) y Kaori (4 años) de este verano, y por otro la formalización de un dibujo de su hijo mayor con la intención de materializar algo que saliera directamente de las obsesiones infantiles, muchas veces más prosaicas que las idealizaciones que proyectamos sobre ellos, pero no por ello menos intensas.