Augustin Rebetez. After dark & more

Homesession & Elclimamola, two independent arts spaces located in Barcelona, are glad to present jointly a specific project by swiss artist [Augustin Rebetez| alt=”Augustin Rebetez], in the framework of the [Videoart Festival Screen from Barcelona|] and of the Poble Sec independent space circuit, which is organized on May 24th.

Augustin Rebetez will present at Homesession Studio and at Elclimamola an exhibition project based on photography and stop-motion videos, with the premiere of a new video. Twisting narratives and visual connotations through his personal and convulsive sense of humor rather than through a relaxed wittiness, Augustin Rebetez builds a singular visual universe where the recreational feature combines with a rather dark atmosphere.

We encourage you to discover his work during the opening which will take place succesively in both places.

Thursday, May 24th:

__19h00__ – Homesession Studio: opening primera part exhibition project (photography & video)

__21h00__ – Elclimamola: opening second part exhibition project (vídeos ; premiere of a new piece) and action by Augustin Rebetez [Homesession Studio|/”>: C/ Creu dels Molers, 15. BCN [Elclimamola|”>: C/ Salva 45. BCN

With the collaboration of:

Screen from Barcelona

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Quesos de Suiza

Estrella Damm%%%

PRE-. Collective show


In celebration of our new space, Homesession invites you to attend it’s first exhibition, PRE-.

PRE-. is a collective exhibition conceived as a prelude to solo projects that each artist will develop throughout 2012 at homesession. The project formalizes a point of progress, a state prior to the individual proposal, and is intended as a study of possibilities. The format of the exhibition facilitates a dialogue between projects, while simultaneously broadening perspectives and creating autonomous spaces.

Participating artists: Julia Gorostidi, Rafael Castañer, Anamor, Fran Meana, Jordi Ferreiro.

Opening: Thursday 26th of April 7PM homesession’s new space: C/ Creu dels Molers, 15, Barcelona, metro Poble Sec The exhibition will also be open from 26/04 to 16/05, wednesday to saturday from 5 to 8 PM

Thanks to: 
Alain Lavigne, Alex Brahim, Anne-Sophie Pinard, Gabrielle Boucher, José Navarro, Mario Páez, Nuria Tobar, Oriol Conesa, Paola Marugán, Veronica Valentini, Xavier Fisselier.

Cháchara. 2012/02/09

__EN__ Cháchara describes itself as “a talk at a given place and time”. Homesession is glad to be this given place and to receive, with Cháchara’s organizers, three __British artists__ on Thursday, February 9: Maurice Carlin, Gary Leddington and David Price share an afternoon with us, just at the beginning of their residency at La Escocesa, to talk about their interests. Like in every Cháchara, we invite people to share things that don’t relate with their practice at all (or maybe they do) and we’ll spend the afternoon eating delicious quiches. __CAT__ Cháchara es defineix com “una xerrada en algún lloc i en algún moment”. Homesession té el plaer de ser aquest lloc i, amb els organitzadors de Cháchara, d’acollir dijous 9 de febrer a tres __artistes britànics__: Maurice Carlin, Gary Leddington i David Price ens acompanyen una tarda per parlar dels seus interessos, aprofitant l’inici de la seva residència a La Escocesa. Com per les altres chácharas, invitem la gent a compartir algunes coses que no tinguin que veure amb allò seu (o potser sí) i passarem la tarda compartint delicioses quiche! __ES__ Cháchara se define como “una charla en algún lugar y en algún momento”. Homesession tiene el placer de ser ese lugar y, con los organizadores de Cháchara, de acoger el jueves 9 de febrero a __tres artistas británicos__: Maurice Carlin, Gary Leddington y David Price nos acompañan una tarde para charlar de sus intereses, aprovechando el inicio de su residencia en La Escocesa. Como en las demás chácharas, invitamos la gente a compartir algunas cosas que no tengan que ver con lo suyo (o sí) y pasaremos la tarde compartiendo deliciosas quiches. __Maurice Carlin__: [|”> __Gary Leddington__: [|”> __David Price__: [|”> [__+ info:|]

La estrategia doméstica

[La estrategia doméstica| alt=”la estrategia doméstica] is a four-day event exhibits artwork in domestic places, Barcelona. Follow the link to see the complete program.

Julien Berthier videoscreening LOOP 2011

((/03_news/2011_05/berthier-light.jpg”/> Homesession is proud to present, a selection of videos by __Julien Berthier__. We count on your attendance! – __Thursday, May 12 from 7.00 pm to 9 pm__ – at homesession, Barcelona in colaboration with: [((/03_news/2011_05/loop_screen_color_light.jpg”/>|”>[((/03_news/2011_05/vallois.jpg”/>|”>[((/03_news/2011_05/logo_damm_light.jpg”/>|”>

videoakt – international videoart biennal

Second edition of [VIDEOAKT| alt=”videoakt], Videoart International Biennial – Barcelona, May 2011, among the celebrations of Loop Festival and Fair. Homesession will collaborate with a videoscreening during the biennial the 17 of May at the [Hotel Amister| alt=”Hotel Amister] See the program Videoakt program [here|] (in spanish) Artists: [Aggtelek| alt=”aggtelek], [Gwenael Bélanger| alt=”gwenael belanger], [Fito Conesa| alt=”Fito Conesa], [Gabriel Desplanque| alt=”gabriel desplanque], [Virginie Laganière| alt=”virginie laganiere], [Minna Suoniemi| alt=”Minna Suoniemi].

videoakt – international videoart biennal

Dear friends, homesession participates to the second edition of VIDEOAKT, Videoart International Biennial – Barcelona, May 2011, among the celebration of Loop videoart Festival and Fair. We are glad to announce their open call for videoart. A jury of experts will be in charge of the selection and of awarding a video: the winner will receive the AMISTER Art Friendly award granted as in the last edition, by AMiSTER Collection. The prize consists of the purchase of the winner work by the AMISTER Collection, travel, and hotel expenses. Everyone is invited to participate without any limit of age or nationality/residence. The deadline is 15-02-2011 (referential date concided with the stamp). More information: [|] We warmly invite you to inform you about this event and the bases.

CUVO Matadero Madrid

[CUVO|] un proyecto performativo con Lydia Lunch, Esther Planas, Sonia Gómez, Pere Faura, Miguel Noguera y Anamor intervalos de Ramón Guimaraes imagen de Christian Schärmer aka Testphase comisariado por Alex Brahim CUVO es un espectáculo performativo autoejecutable que reúne seis solo shows de quince minutos, explorando el límite entre el consumo digerible y el exceso de información. Con las actuaciones en directo de Lydia Lunch, Esther Planas, Sonia Gómez, Miguel Noguera, Pere Faura y Anamor, introducidos una a uno por Ramón Guimaraes y bajo el paraguas gráfico de Christian Schärmer aka Testphase.

Mariokissme’s performance. “La llamada: ¡Oh Jóvenes!”

Wednesday June 16th at 7.15 pm __[Mariokissme||en]__ presents a “space & music action” part of the project developed for the Sala Muncunill (Terrassa, Barcelona), in the framework of “La Gran Sacsejada” anual cycle/program curated by [Aimar Arriola||es]

Miércoles 16 de Junio a las 19:15 de la tarde en la sala Muncunill de [Terrassa||es] (Carrer de Gaudí s/n) __Mariokissme__ realizará una acción espacio / musical inaugural. Forma parte de “La Gran Sacsejada” comisariada por Aimar Arriola. Where: Terrassa, carrer de Gaudí

When: 16-09 at 7.15 pm.