Ángela Bonadies

Ángela Bonadies. Emergency structures

What is an “emergency structure”?  It is a category created to merge “urban structures” and “state of emergency”, to describe buildings or spaces that are governed by their own laws, changing their use, abandoned, floating as UFOs within the territory or operating as continental islands.

The exhibition is the result of the field work carried out by the participants of the “Emergency structures” workshop in July 2015 led by the artist Ángela Bonadies, where the port of Barcelona was visited and “exceptional” cases were located, developing ideas, texts and images.

Participants of the workshop worked collectively from two working groups, which focused their searches on two spaces of the Barcelona maritime front: the IMAX 3D Cinema and its surroundings; the relationship between the Barceloneta neighbourhood  and its memory;  and the Marina from Port Vell.

Contributors: Homesession, Idensitat, HANGAR, PhotoEspaña, Spanish Embassy in Venezuela, Creative Europe / ARTIZEN, Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona, AVV de l’Òstia.

The work of Ángela Bonadies (Caracas, 1970) focuses on memory, archiving, urban space and thinking about the photographic image itself, all from the perspective of photography.