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Invited Program

Invited is a program of production grants that supports specific projects conceived by spanish artists.

Conditions of the residency, fees and living expenses

Duration of stays and capacity

Homesession Studio offers stays of two or three months duration (there is also the possibility to stay 1 or 3 months). This gives artists the opportunity to enjoy the interaction that can be generated within a culturally active neighbourhood in the centre of Barcelona. This, and the involvement of Homesession in the local art scene, makes the stay a key experience in the creative process. We only receive one artist or artist couple at the same time. The reason being to ensure that we can offer quality support.


Fees and grants

You will find a detailed breakdown of the cost of the residency fees in the following link. Thanks to the support of institutional partners, we also offer three grants a year, that cover the residency fees and some extra production costs. When applying for the residency, the artist systematically receives access to the selection process for the grant. The response to the applicants includes the resolution of the jury for both residency and eventual grant.

Please check conditions and fees.


Application form

Important note: before sending your application, please make sure your work fits the line of our programme! Please send your complete application form as well as a portfolio (pdf < 6 Megaoctet) and a CV (pdf). Follow the process indicated in the form.

Process & result

You can send your application at any time, as the first review is an on-going process throughout the year. The final review of completed applications and the selection of the next residents take place twice a year, in January and July, so you can expect an answer towards the end of these months. Please be patient, we receive a lot of applications and it can take us a while to respond.

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